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Fuck Yeah All Hallows Eve Recommended Fall Reading List

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Witches… All of them witches!

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The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to.

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Spooklings welcome! 🎃

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autumnaura: 2 7 18 29 34 44 :D

2. What is your favorite autumn leaf?
Red maple leaves are soo pretty! I also like oak tree leaves

7. What music do you like to listen to during fall?
I listen to my halloween playlist over and over all year so fall I really play it a lot! I also listen to rainymood.com a lot :)

18. What is your favorite fall food?
I love going to the store and seeing all of the pumpkin flavored & fall themed foods..I love pumpkin bread/cake with cream cheese frosting

29. What is your favorite fall memory?
My elementary school would have costume parades in the morning and then we would just have a Halloween party the rest of the day! I loved it so much

34. What’s your dream halloween outfit?
I would love for laney from the tv show ‘Faceoff’ to do my makeup & costume! But I loved my costume last year which was a Salem Puritan that had been hung as a witch

44. What’s your least favorite thing about fall?
It’s perfect! But I live in California and it’s always hot here during the beginning of fall :’(


The Shining (1980)

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